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Hand Sanitizers and Eye Injuries in Children

Pandemic-Related Increase In Use Of Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers Resulting In Eye Injuries Among Children, Researchers Say

The Fort Worth (TX) Star-Telegram reports, “The American Association of Poison Control Centers reported over 17,000 cases of hand sanitizer exposure cases in 2020 as of July, the American Optometric Association said,” representing “a 51% increase in cases compared to the same period in 2019.” Now, a study from France suggests that hand sanitizer “dispensers might be to blame for the striking rates of chemical exposure to children’s eyes during the pandemic.” The dispensers are just at the right height that small children may end up with the sanitizer in their eyes.

HealthDay reports investigators arrived at the study’s conclusions after examining “data from French poison control and a children’s hospital in Paris.” Those data revealed that “accidental eye injuries to kids under age 18 shot up sevenfold during a five-month period last year, compared to 2019.” The findings were published online in a brief report in JAMA Ophthalmology.

Child proof your health and safety equipment y keeping hand sanitizers up and out of the way of small children.